PaiPrice and method of payment

The prices of the Product accessible on the website are prices excluding costs (transport costs, customs duties, insurance, etc.). The overall price of the Product (hereinafter referred to as "the Price") that the Customer intends to order is indicated on the summary screen of his order and includes the following information:

The price excluding taxes and fees of the selected products

The amount of value added tax (if applicable)

Transport and packaging costs

Prices are denominated and payable in euros. Any mention of Prices in currencies other than the euro is given for information only. This Price is liable to change, in which case C du Belge undertakes to inform the Customer thereof prior to any new order.


7.2 Terms and payment

The acceptance of the order by C du Belge and the subsequent shipment of the Product to the Customer can only take place after validation of the Customer's means of payment and the subsequent debit of the Price from the Customer's bank account. The Product is always prepaid by the Customer. Payment of the Price of the Products by the Customer is made via secure electronic payment.


7.3 Security of electronic funds transfers


The transaction processes on the C du Belge website are carried out with the secure payment service provider HIPAY headquartered in Auderghem. As an expert in payment security, HIPAY guarantees that sensitive data is transmitted and stored according to the highest security and quality standards.